Organizations to Support at Year-End, New Advocacy Needed, and Links to New Resources on Justice Reform from 2023

The updated sections of the website now include links to a wealth of new Books, Reports and Articles and other Online Resources from 2023, in addition to a call for urgent advocacy with the Chicago City Council and a partial catalogue of justice reform legislation enacted in Illinoi in 2023 with the help of citizens who filed witness slips in advance of House and Senate committee hearings. In addition to being included in the various sections of the website, references to new resources are shown in bold at the tab Getting Involved.

There is also an updated list of Organizations to Support and Follow as 2023 comes to an end.

Resources of particular interest for getting involved in justice reform include the tools highlighted at the tab on Advocacy in Illinois and the following resources:

Executive Summary:

As always, please take a look and consider both how you can get involved and whom else you know who might be interested in the website.