Supporting Organizations That Are Making a Difference and Continuing to Focus on Addressing the Racial Disparities in Our Criminal Legal System

Once again we approach the end of the year with many reasons to appreciate the dedication of individuals and organizations whose efforts continue to shine a light on the failures of our criminal legal system, to develop and implement changes that will bring justice and overcome racial bias, and to serve those harmed by the cycle of trauma and violence caused by the punitive approach that we take to criminal justice.

Here is a list of organizations that are making important contributions to those efforts and that are worthy of our year-end financial support, including links that you can use to learn more about their work and to make a donation.

[And by clicking here you can make a tax deductible contribution to –, the nonprofit organization that created this website.]

We are also called to take some time over the holidays to continue to consider how we can address the racial disparities in our criminal legal system.  We can get some help in maintaining that focus:

Please also use the links in the revised document under the tab Getting Involved, and in the revised documents listing reports and online resources under the tab Sources of Information and Ideas:

  • to participate in some of the online events being presented between now and December 7,
  • to join the new Illinois Alliance for Reentry and Justice,
  • to watch some of the programs mentioned there that are now available online, and
  • to consult some of the important new reports on conditions in our prisons, on reforming the reentry experience, on the status of justice reform in Illinois, and on addressing mass incarceration through social investments.

I hope that you and your families will also find time to enjoy the holidays and that you will find new sources of inspiration and energy as we emerge from some of the limitations and distractions of the past two years.