From the Desk of John McLees…

The sections of this website on Getting Involved and Upcoming Events in Illinois highlight some of the rich selection of online programs that will be available to you to watch at scheduled times in coming days and weeks to learn about issues arising in our justice system and work being done to address them. 

Please also note the new section of this website for Webinars, Podcasts, Videos To Watch On-Line, which you will find under the heading Sources of Information and Ideas.  It gathers together information on recordings of webinars, podcasts and conferences that you can watch online at your convenience on demand.

Note in particular that you can registerhere to participate in the Justice 2020 Convening being presented by the Illinois Justice Project and Cabrini Green Legal Aid from 9:00 to 2:45 on Friday July 24, which will be one of the major programs of the year to address issues of policing, courts and incarceration and post release and reentry in Illinois.  After July 24, check the websites of the Illinois Justice Project and Cabrini Green Legal Aid for recordings of that program.

The section on Issue Advocacy in Illinois features a link for you to use to endorse the proposal on the November election ballot to allow Illinois to impose a progressive income tax:, and an address to use to request information on how you can volunteer to help in the Fair Tax campaign: [email protected]

Passage of that constitutional amendment will create a fairer tax system and will provide resources needed to fund initiatives that are required to reform our justice system and address the root causes of crime in our communities.