Priorities at This Moment in Advocating for Justice in Illinois

From the desk of John McLees…

Soon the spring session of the Illinois Legislature will heat up, but our priorities now through mid-March must be:

  • to support Kim Foxx and her reform agenda, by doing all that is necessary to enable her to win Democratic nomination for reelection as Cook County State’s Attorney in the March 17 primary, and
  • to build support for the comprehensive reform of pretrial justice in Illinois by enacting the Pretrial Fairness Act.

So in my additions the document at the Getting Involved tab you will find information about:

  • opportunities to support State’s Attorney Fox by donating, canvassing, phone and text banking, and writing to Mayor Lightfoot at [email protected] to thank her for endorsing Kim Foxx for reelection and asking her to campaign actively for the State’s Attorney between now and the primary and to reject the false narrative of the Federation of Police, and
  • ways to support thoughtful reform of our broken and unjust pretrial system in Illinois by writing your representatives and joining in a lobbying day in Springfield on Tuesday February 25.       

Thank you for considering what you can do to help achieve these key objectives, to maintain our momentum toward justice in our County and our State.