Improving Lives and Reducing Recidivism

From the Desk of John McLees:

The attached update continues to feature volunteer opportunities and resources for learning about how change needs to happen and how it is beginning to happen in pretrial procedures, in diversion from prosecution, in the definition of penalties for crimes and administrative infractions, in the use of prison time for rehabilitation instead of crime training, and in supporting those released from prison both to improve lives and to reduce recidivism, with its costs in treasure and in the suffering of additional victims.

This time there is information about some important new resources and about bills that have been introduced in the 101st session of the Illinois General Assembly to address some of these issues, which are among the initiatives that will need our attention and support in coming weeks and months.

Thank you as always for your interest and for all of your efforts to improve our system of justice and to let others know of the resources available to them in learning and in getting involved, including those mentioned in the attachment and at the website