Holiday Update for Justice Reform

From the Desk of John McLees:

The  new update contains information on some new volunteer opportunities and an accumulation of reports and articles that have appeared in past couple of months that deserve our attention, including:

  • a National Inventory of Collateral Consequences of Conviction and a webinar that you can access on how to use this new resource,
  • an extensive Reimagining Prison Report issued by the Vera Institute for Justice, and
  • a report of the Urban Institute on Father Reentry and Child Outcomes, exploring children’s behavior when a father is incarcerated and when he is released,

Along with recent news on state and Federal legislation and on our incoming governor’s new Committee on Restorative Justice and a reminder to sign up for the regular news reports of The Illinois Justice Project and the Marshall Project.

We have once again highlight the contact information of more than 60 organizations that are working to improve our criminal justice system and that deserve our support in 2018.  You can contribute to them, and learn more about the work that they are doing, online at their websites.  Please do consider picking four or five or more whose work inspires you.

As in the past, feel free to forward these messages to others who may be interested in learning more about how the criminal justice system operates and how we can all contribute to improving it, and let them know about the opportunity to get on the distribution list for these messages and about this website which is updated to contain the same information.

We wish each of you a season of joy and reflection at the holidays and many moments of satisfaction and success in the new year.