New Online Resources and Reports and Upcoming Online Events

The spring session of the Illinois General Assembly created a busy time for citizens and advocates in defending last year’s justice reforms, including the Pretrial Justice Act, and opposing additional ineffective punitive measures for those accused of a crime and those who have served their time.  There is a summary of the results of those efforts on this website under the subheading Advocacy In Illinois and at the tab Getting Involved.  

The revised documents that you will find at the tabs Upcoming Online EventsBooks, Reports and Articles and Getting Involved also highlight new online resources and reports:

  • discussing the disfunction and injustice in Illinois prisons and what is needed to reform them,
  • providing digital exhibitions and an activation kit for Envisioning Justice,
  • focusing on the scope of juvenile incarceration and the impact of our increasing incarceration of women who are mothers, and
  • highlighting the development of advocacy and resources to improve the lives of those who have served their time.