November Notes

From the Desk of John McLees…

Please check the updated information in the section of the website for new information on upcoming events, opportunities for advocacy and some important new reports on the criminal justice system and efforts to reform it that are listed in the section on Other Sources of Information and Ideas. 

Please note in particular:

  • The Forum, with a distinguished panel, that will occur in Chicago on Thursday December 5 to discuss justice reforms that are ongoing in the operation of policing and prosecution in Chicago and Cook County (details available at, and
  • The opportunities that you have now and in 2020 to get involved in supporting the growing movement around the country to elect prosecutors who are committed to real reform in the administration of justice, by writing to to sign up to get updates from the   Accountable Justice Action Fund:

Finally, here is a list of organizations that are making important contributions to improving our criminal justice system and that are worthy of our year-end financial support, including links that you can use to learn more about their work and to make a donation.