Time Critical: Contacting Governor Rauner To Insist That He Sign Legislation Promoting Criminal Justice Reform

Legislation Promoting Criminal Justice Reform That Was Approved by the Illinois Legislature But That Needs the Governor’s Signature To Become Law.

Contacting the Governor, individually or with others, to ask him to sign the bills promoting criminal justice reform that passed the Legislature, and that need his signature to become law (partial list):

Penalties and Corrections

HB 3920 (Driving on a Suspended License) to reclassify as a petty offense (rather than a Class A misdemeanor)  the first two instances of driving on a suspended license due to unpaid traffic fines and failing to pay support or to comply with visitation orders.

HB 4888 (Data Collection re Corrections Issues) to  require the inclusion of specific data, such as incidence of violence in correctional facilities, parole revocations by county, completion of evidence-based programs, vacancy rates at work-release centers, in Department of Corrections’ quarterly report, to enable executive team to review, identify trends and take steps to mitigate violence.


SB 3388 (Incentives to Counties to Divert Those Charged to Community Based Services) to expand eligibility to participate in Adult Redeploy Illinois (ARI) to all probationable offenses.

SB 3023 (Substance Abuse) to create the Community-Law Enforcement Partnership for Deflection and Addiction Treatment Act to allow law enforcement to facilitate contact between community members and substance use treatment providers.

Registries and Collateral Consequences

SB 3489 (Registration of Offenders) to allow individuals required to register on the Murder and Violent Offender Against Youth Registry to request review of any errors in the information that led to the registration mandate.

SB 336 (Use of Medical Marijuana) to authorize the Department of Public Health to establish the Opioid Alternative Pilot Program The program to allow treatment of a medical condition with medical marijuana rather than an opioid, and to remove the restriction for individuals with conviction for “excluded offenses” on eligibility for a cannabis registry identification card.

SB 2560 (Publication of Criminal Records) to provides that any website that publishes criminal record information for profit shall correct any errors in a record within 5 business days of notification of the error and shall not publish booking photographs for civil offenses and offenses that are classified as less than a Class A misdemeanor.

Court debt

HB 4594 (Court Fees and Costs) to  organize and consolidate court fees and costs that are imposed on court users and create a sliding scale fee waiver for poor criminal defendants.

HB 5341 (Sealing Criminal Records) to prevent denial of sealing petition for unpaid fees, fines or assessments ordered by a court, law enforcement or other units of government. 

Prisoner rights:

HB 4469 (Voting Rights)- to insure that people held in jails in Illinois can vote – Here is a story on that measure.

HB 5104 (Medical copay) to abolish the $5 copay that IL inmates must pay to see a doctor.

Gun safety:
SB 3256  (Gun Purchase Waiting Period)- to increase the waiting period on all gun purchases to 72 hours.

HB 2354 (Firearms Restraining Order) to allow family or law enforcement to petition the courts to have a firearms temporarily removed from the home of a person determined to be a risk to themselves or others.

SB 337 (Combating Illegal Gun Trafficking Act) to require that Federal Firearms License holders in Illinois be certified by state police.

How to Contact Illinois Governor Rauner Regarding Legislation Promoting Criminal Justice Reform passed by the Illinois  Legislature.

Governor Rauner needs to hear from you. Call: 217-782-0244 or 312-814-2121 or visit: