Contacting Illinois Governor Rauner

Contacting Governor Rauner and Illinois Senators Regarding Legislation Protecting Voting Rights of Prisoners and Those Released from Jail or Prison

Illinois State Senate for Illinois House Bill #4469 would require:

  1. that the County Jails in Illinois insure that those held in jail can cast their ballots in Illinois elections, and
  2. that the Illinois Department of Corrections and the County Jails in Illinois provide a voter registration application to all citizens released from their custody.

Governor Rauner needs to hear from you about HB #4469. Call: 217-782-0244 or 312-814-2121 or see:

It is also important that your State Senator get a call from you about HB #4469.  Contact information for calling or writing your Illinois State Senator may be found here:

A fact sheet with more information is available here and for more information contact: Jen Dean
Organizational Health Director | P: 315-982-0773